August 13, 2022


2 min read

LUKE 19:11-28

• This parable is a Heavenly Kingdom Parable that illustrated
Jesus Christ’s second coming with His rewards for the
faithful and sudden judgment for the wicked.

• Jesus Christ is the King, and the King of kings.

• Christianity is all about the King’s business, it is very
urgent and timely. Do not waste away your time because it is
very costly.

• God has graciously given everyone the talents and resources
to succeed in this business and journey of life.

• It is very costly to rebel against the will of God;
therefore, everyone should be very careful of Satan’s
rebelling spirit. There is absolutely no one or power strong
enough to stop the move of God. Be warned!

• There is great praise and rewards for those who used their
talents and resources judiciously to the glory of God.

• There is great shame and reproach to those who failed to use
their talents and resources judiciously and buried them in
the grave.

• Anyone who fails to use his talents and resources to the
glory of God is a big ingrate, and even the little he has
will be taken away from him.

• He who is grateful in little by using his talents and
resources to the glory of God will be rewarded with more
talents and gifts.

• The wicked and the ungrateful will be judged by their words,
deeds and attitudes.

• God has regard and even recommended deposits with interests.
Instead of allowing your talents and resources to be wasted
and buried in the grave, while not deposit them in the life
of another in order to yield interests on your behalf to God.

• The wicked, rebels and ungrateful servants can never escape\
the judgment of God. Shalom!