The Rhema Balm of Gilead Pure/Undiluted Honey

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The Rhema Balm of Gilead Pure/Undiluted Honey

Jeremiah 8:22

Honey itself is medicinal to some extent. It is natural and highly nutritious to the human body both adults and children. The problem had been fake and diluted honey that is highly dangerous to the human body. Many persons find it difficult to differentiate between pure/undiluted honey and fake/diluted honey. Here are listed five easy way-tests to identify pure/undiluted honey:

1. The Eye-sight/Surface Test: Honey looks natural on the surface. It does not look like cooked substance, congeal and dull on the surface.

2. The Palm Identification Test: Honey has syrup-like color. It looks like syrup on the palm when touched with the tip of the finger. Most syrup especially children syrups are made with honey. Also it easily mixes with water when stirred.

3. The Paper Test: Honey does not soak a plain sheet of paper no matter how light the plain sheet of paper is. But it remains afloat on the paper. When the honey is finally removed or poured out, a stain of syrup-like color is observed on the plain sheet of paper. If the plain sheet of paper is soaked; therefore, the honey is fake or diluted.

4. The Matched Stick Test: When a matched stick is deep inside honey and scratch on the matched box, it will ignite fire because the matched stick is not soaked. But when the matched stick refuses to ignite fire because it is soaked; it shows that the honey is fake or diluted.

5. The Ants Test: When a little quantity of honey is poured on the floor, ants can never come to feed on it because the smell of the honey irritates them. But when ants gathered to feed on the honey, it therefore shows that the honey is fake or diluted.


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